Activate & Elevate Limitless Success

and BECOME the Soul Aligned Woman

As a Quantum Energy Healer and Therapist, I help spiritual female entrepreneurs uncover and rapidly heal their subconscious beliefs and hidden energetic blocks so they can activate their higher selves, embody their soul’s passion and reach limitless levels of expansion.

Are you ready to...

Align your mind, body, & soul for success all areas of your life and business?

Activate and elevate to your higher self so that you can trust your decisions, and your intuition and never have to second guess yourself again?

Recode your soul blueprint, embody your purpose and gain the clarity of of what you’re meant to be doing and who you are here to serve?

And… close the gap between what you WANT and what you BELIEVE you can have, so you can BECOME the energetic match and take soul aligned action without holding yourself back?


No longer comparing yourself to others

Activating a higher vibration to manifest your desires.

Healing deep rooted generational/ ancestral conditioning that kept you stuck

Truly believing in yourself.

Making decisions based on your own trust and intuition without any doubt.


Because when your thoughts and beliefs are on the same page as your energetic vibration, the Success Gap closes.


NO more resistance
NO more doubt
NO more excuses
NO more sabotaging
NO more feeling like you are spinning your wheels

It feels safe when your mind, body and energy are all on board.


We dive deep into 3 layers of  transformantion that takes place in The BRAIN, The BODY and The BIOFIELD.


THIS is where you step into the higher version of yoursef…

THIS is where you embody your higher frequencies and live your soul purpose without the influences of others…

And THIS is where you rewire and re-code the new beliefs and expand into this new soul aligned being….


Your soul is here for a reason and a purpose. When you align your mind and body with your soul, you expand into your passion and purpose… and it just FEELS Soul Aligned.

Live your life by design, not by default.

Ways I Can Support You

1 to 1

Soul Aligned Healing

Are you ready to uncover the generational conditioning holding you back, clear the energy that keeps you stuck and expand into your higher self?


Then let’s work together to Re-wire your subconscious, Re-balance your body and Re-code your electromagmetic biofield

Self-Paced Transformational Healing

Are you ready to uncover the subconscuious beliefs and blocks holding you back in your life or business so you can step into your power and reclaim the life you’re meant to live?

Then I invite you to check out my powerful self-paced courses so you can activate your higher self and take action towards soul aligned success. 


Group Support

You are not alone…

If you’re done spinning your wheels, repeating the same patterns and want to create success with more ease, flow, purpose and alignment… then this group is for you!



Hi! I am Cheryl Kasper!

I help spiritual women discover their soul passion so they can have Soul Aligned Success in all areas of their life and business!

By incorporating my signature method, Neuro-Energetics™, we tap into your subconscious mind to re-wire in new beliefs, we re-balance the body and comb through your electromagnetic biofield to re-code your cellular DNA and activate the collective energy of the universe.

My clients get RAPID results without spending thousands of $ and in years in therapy.

I use the healing powers of Quantum Healing Codes, Sacred Geometry, with Advanced Hypnosis and Biofield Tuning for energetic activation and expansion. 

This allows you to release the limiting beliefs, sabotage, generational conditioning and ancestral imprints that have kept you blocked from achieving your goals. 

Latest Articles


I’m not your “average” Mindset Coach. I’m also not your “average” psychotherapist.

I won’t settle for “average.” I strive to be different …..
Different approaches. Different mindset.

No “fluff,” I tell it the way it is.

THAT’S what makes me different!

Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is real, and you can only do your part to protect yourself by wearing masks, social distancing, limiting social outings, washing hands frequently, disinfecting surfaces, taking vitamins, and keeping your body healthy.

However, there is another pandemic that is hitting hard: The Mental Health Pandemic. It’s completely different, affects children and adults, and it’s on the rise.


Over the past few months, many of us have transitioned from working outside of the home to working from home.

Although this change may be temporary, it can be difficult to adapt and create the right surroundings when you are not used to working remotely.

What's keeping you stuck in your business?

Are you ready to bust through your fears, blocks, and B.S. (belief system) so you can speak your truth and be visible to create freedom, alignment and impact in your life and business?

Take this quick quiz to discover your Hidden Hustler Archetype and crack the code to success!

Alignment Starts Here!

This meditation will clear, balance and activate your chakras to a higher frequency with healing 528 hz frequency in the background.

The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is the frequency of love and miracles.

This frequency brings:
Healing of the body, mind and soul
increased energy/ vibrations
inner peace
Cellular and DNA repair