Hi! I'm Cheryl!

I am a mom to two boys and a wife of 29 years (OMG!).

I’m also a Clinical Therapist for 25 years, an Energy Healer,  #1 Best Selling Author and International Speaker. 

And, I’ve been where you are…..

How I went from Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Not too long ago, I found myself working 70 + hours a week as a full time school counselor and also building my therapy practice.

I was having anxiety that was off the wall and many times I experienced panic attacks driving to my school job.

I became so disconnected with my family and with my husband and was even missing my son’s sports events because I was overworking and so stressed out.

I felt like my life was crumbling, ,my marriage was on the rocks, we were in $100K debt and my mind and my body couldn’t take anymore and I completely BURNED OUT.

I knew something had to change

When this happened, I had to reevaluate my life. And that’s when I turned inward and did the deep inner healing.

I dove into subconscious work through hypnosis and tapped into energy work

But what I uncovered was EYE OPENING and actually started me on this path of the work I do today.

I discovered that I had a subconscious beliefs that I had to ‘work hard’ for success.

I worked on the 3 deep layers of my core

After healing this generational conditioning, re-wiring my subconscious beliefs and re-coding my energy systems, major changes began to happen!


  • My marriage and family situation greatly improved
  • I felt more present and calm
  • I felt a renewed sense of self love and self belief
  • I had the courage to leave my toxic job
  • I started my own business
  • I paid off the $100K debt
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I believed I had to work hard to be successful

It Stemmed from Generational Conditioning

I saw my own mother working 10 hour days for the success she has, so I BELIEVED I had to do the same.

And my mother learned that ‘success comes from hard work’ from her parents…

This belief was a generational conditioning… a belief that was never mine from the beginning, but one that I “adopted” subconsciously as my own.

When I understood this, I was finally able to heal from that belief.

Now, I help others do the same….

I am the Change-Maker & Cycle Breaker

I'm not your "average" coach

I have 25 years as a clinical therapist specializing in Trauma and Anxiety. I am highly skilled in EMDR, Jungian SandPlay Therapy,  Neuro-Feedback and Advanced Hypnosis, which means that I am an expert on the brain and how it functions. 

I am also a Reiki Master, Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, which means that I understand the power of subtle energy and working in the Quantum field.  

With a Masters Degree in Social Work and over 25 years as a trauma therapist, I have a deeper understanding and the skill to address underlying trauma safely should that come up in coaching.

I dig deeper into the root cause of current issues and also ensure the emotional well being and safety of my clients, on all levels, is maintained for deep, rapid healing and transformation.

I combine the scientific methods of psychology and neuro-science and mix it with Rapid Transformation Therapy™ (RTT), HeartHealing™ , Energy Psychology, and Advanced Hypnotherapy. I call it a “Spiritual Smoothie.”

The reason the work I do has a rapid & profound change on my clients is because I dive deep into the subconscious to uncover the root cause of the issue, then I clear out all the stuck energy from the Biofield.

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