The adrenals play an important part in our daily functioning. They regulate the stress response, metabolism, the immune system and blood pressure.

Recalibrating the adrenal glands and restoring them to their natural rhythm can be life changing!

The adrenals can get stuck in β€œon mode” and become overactive due to chronic stress and stressful environments.. even in the womb! 😯

You may need an adrenal reset if you experience:

πŸ‘‰ chronic fatigue
πŸ‘‰ anxiety or panic attacks
πŸ‘‰ stress/ overwhelm
πŸ‘‰ digestive issues
πŸ‘‰ insomnia / sleep problems
πŸ‘‰ thyroid problems
πŸ‘‰ autoimmune disorders
πŸ‘‰ intergenerational trauma


With the use of tuning forks in the biofield, the adrenals can be re-set back to their factory setting, and move the body from a sympathetic state of fight or flight to a parasympathetic state of calm!

Adrenal Rhythm Reset is a 3 session series

Alignment Starts Here!

This meditation will clear, balance and activate your chakras to a higher frequency with healing 528 hz frequency in the background.

The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is the frequency of love and miracles.

This frequency brings:
Healing of the body, mind and soul
increased energy/ vibrations
inner peace
Cellular and DNA repair