is deeper than you think!

It’s more than going to therapy, more than self help books, and more than meditation and journaling.

It’s in inherited… in your energy… in your biofield.

Your biofield is your energetic blueprint.

It holds the story of your life. Every memory, experience and belief are recorded here. …

It also holds the imprints of your ancestor… their stories, their traumas, their experiences and beliefs that were passed to you through DNA.

Those imprints became stuck in your energy field causing blocks that conscious mindset and subconscious work just can’t address.

I use sound frequencies of tuning forks to comb through your electromagnetic biofield to find those imprints, pains and traumas and read your story like a needle reading the music on a record.

I hear them… I listen as they speak….

Then I allow the healing to begin.

Healing the pains and traumas from your parents… and the pains and traumas from their parents and the parents before them.. so far back into our lineage.

As we heal the generational pains, traumas and conditioning, we heal the generations before us and the generations to come after us. 🔥

Trauma travels through generations until someone is strong enough to be the change maker and cycle breaker and finally stop the pain and heal it.

The tuning forks break up the trapped energy from those old stories so your body can return to its factory setting.

Are you ready to break the cycles?

Alignment Starts Here!

This meditation will clear, balance and activate your chakras to a higher frequency with healing 528 hz frequency in the background.

The Solfeggio frequency 528 Hz is the frequency of love and miracles.

This frequency brings:
Healing of the body, mind and soul
increased energy/ vibrations
inner peace
Cellular and DNA repair