Energetic Biofield

Your physical and emotional health is a direct reflection of the harmony and balance in your biofield… because emotional issues manifest in the body as physical conditions and pain.

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What is the Biofield?

Biofield refers to our body’s electromagnetic system- we have an electrical current that runs through our bodies and a magnetic field that surrounds and interprets information in the body. The biofield is composed of electromagnetic frequencies and subtle energies.

The biofield is also called the electromagnetic field, the aura, or the etheric field. It’s the record keeper of your life, your past lives and the lives of your ancestors. Every single experience and memory are kept there.

We can energetically “feel” the biofield, or auric field…Think about this….

Have you ever walked into a crowded room and felt a tense or negative energy or felt it was a calm space depending on the energy that’s given out by the people in the room?

Or when someone negative enters your personal space and you are able to feel their energy, so you take a step back so you are not in their energy field?

This is the energetic frequency of the biofield. If it’s not an energetic match to yours then your body can sense that. You can also sense if someone is an energetic match to you, because it feels good and safe to be around that person.

How Do I Work With The Biofield?

When I work in the biofield, I listen to the sound frequencies of the tuning forks to hear what is going on. I’m able to locate where the negative experience or traumatic event originated and at what age it occurred.

I use sound frequency of tuning forks to locate trapped energy, stuck emotions, and trauma in the biofield. Different emotions produce different frequency signatures which produce an electromagnetic signal with overtones and undertones, that influence the subtle energy to locate those places of distortion in the biofield.

Why is it Important to Clear the Biofield?

Energy can become trapped by something we experienced in our life, transferred to us from inside the womb of our mother, from past lives, for even inherited through cellular memory and DNA from our ancestors. 

As we go through life, the vibrational information of negative memories, emotions and traumas gets stored in the biofield. This energy becomes frozen at that moment in time, then it crystallizes into our energy field, where it remains stuck and fragmented. The trapped energy causes symptoms, such as: anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, limiting beliefs, and even physical pain as it relates to the unresolved emotional issues. It puts an energetic wall between our goals and desires, resulting in sabotage, feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

Many chronic illnesses have their root in unprocessed emotions. Emotions have an electrical charge and a chemical mass which needs to be expressed and metabolized in order to pass through the body. If not, they become stored in the body, hoping to be processed later.

If you don’t express your emotions in a healthy way (crying, talking, exercising, singing, dancing, laughing and allowing yourself to feel the emotion, they will express themselves in unhealthy ways (anxiety, depression, fear, limiting beliefs, sabotage, resentment, physical symptoms, pain) and become stuck and frozen in your biofield at that exact moment in time.

When we heal emotions on an energetic level, many times we can heal physical symptoms too.

When we heal ancestral or generational trauma, we are healing 7 generations past and 7 generations into the future.