Healing & Wellness Fall Retreat

Nourish your body, mind and soul as you immerse yourself in nature.

This retreat is for the heart centered woman interested in reconnecting, healing and rebalancing herself while also experiencing relaxation, releasing of what no longer serves you, luxury, and deep sisterhood connection.


As women, we are givers and caretakers and many times we don’t take care of ourselves they way we should.


This retreat is about you receiving… receiving healing, nourishing food, grounding in mother Earth, connection, relaxation, and to release and let go of what no longer serves you so you can feel free.  


This retreat will be held at a beautiful private home nestled in the Northern Catskills, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Enjoy the breathtaking sunrises over the mountains as you start your day with some gentle stretching and yoga.

Meet Your Hosts


Cheryl is a mindset success coach and also a licensed clinical psychotherapist who empowers women to uncover and transform their fears, blocks & belief system so they can speak their truth & be visible to create freedom, alignment & impact in all areas of their life.

Cheryl will be using intuitive energy healing, reiki, tuning forks, and hypnotherapy to uncover trapped emotions and subconscious beliefs in the body and mind, so that deep and profound transformational healing can take place. She also works with the masculine and feminine energies to create balance in all areas of life.


Jaime Zazzara MA, Ed. is a Professional Life Coach specializing in wellness, spirituality, and mindset. She assists women in letting go of the past and learning to love themselves while living a balanced, happy life.

Jaime uses sound therapy through the Crystal Chakra Bowls to allow your body to release energetic blocks. Jaime guides meditation and ritual to create a safe space for healing, releasing, and letting go.

Retreat includes:

  • All meals prepared by a private chef
  • Private or shared accommodations
  • Hiking the Kaaterskill Waterfalls
  • Hunter Mountain Summit meditation amongst the spectacular 360-degree view
  • Fire ceremony
  • Nature walks
  • Yoga
  • Healing rituals
  • Sound healing with singing bowls and tuning forks

The Divine Feminine: Healing & Wellness Fall Retreat is for you if you…

— feel disconnected from yourself, your joy and your purpose in the present moment

— want release old the stories and that hold you back

— have been feeling stuck & unbalanced in your life

— are ready to heal your inner wounds

— crave everlasting bonds and sisterhood