Break Free of your Fears and Blocks to Step into Your True Purpose & Power

You know deep down that you are capable of so much.

You have envisioned what success looks like for you already,

but every time you work towards your goals, you hold yourself back from allowing yourself to become a success.

You hold yourself back through self-sabotage, fears, and lack of confidence.

Whether you are hustling like crazy or not showing up out of fear, self-sabotage takes over anytime you step forward towards your goals.


Your success can look like

  • Showing up as your true self in your business & life
  • Having ease + flow in your business, no hustle needed
  • Stepping into your true purpose
  • Having the courage to be visible so you can share the message on your heart

It is your time to stop ‘doing’ success and start ‘being’ a success.

If you are ready to uncover your fears and become a success…

Welcome to

Fears to Freedom Accelerator

The Fears to Freedom Accelerator is a 30 day 1:1 unique coaching + healing transformational experience where we deep dive into the conscious + subconscious blocks and the core fears that are holding you back from stepping into your true purpose and owning your power.

Identify your core fear

During our time together you’ll identify the 5 Core Fears™ and we will go deeper into your #1 core fear so you can uncover how it is blocking your success plus finally break through this fear for good.

The 5 Core Fears™

1. Fear of Failure

2. Fear of Visibility

3. Fear of Rejection

4. Fear of Speaking Your Truth

5. Fear of Not Being Enough

What you’ll learn during our 30 days together:

  • You’ll understand how your self sabotage has been showing up so you can easily bust through your past patterns and move forward.
  • You’ll identify the stories that have been keeping you stuck and gain the courage to rewrite new stories and beliefs that empower you.
  • You will learn to love yourself unconditionally so you can experience true joy and fulfilment.
  • You’ll have a toolbox to manage fear and anxiety effectively so you can reclaim your inner calm and strengthen your confidence.
  • You’ll get to the root cause of your fear blocker so you can stop holding yourself back from shining, showing up, and creating success on your own terms.
  • You’ll have the courage to be seen and speak your truth without the constant fear of judgement, rejection and not feeling good enough.
  • You’ll claim who you want to be, the way you show up and how you want to feel in your life and business so you can live on purpose from a place of joy, flow, and freedom.

It’s time to bust through these blocks so you can step up, stand out and truly shine!

If you are ready to unlock the most fearless version of yourself, then let’s schedule your 15 minute FIND YOUR FEARS CONSULT, where we will get clear on the biggest fears holding you back and receive your personalized FEARS TO FREEDOM PLAN with steps for you to move forward.


Our 30 Days Together Includes:

  • INTIAL CLARITY SESSION: During the initial clarity session, you’ll uncover the hidden wounds, fears and beliefs blocking your ultimate success, get really clear on the outcomes you want from our work, and decide which Fears to Freedom Accelerator best meets your needs.
  • HEARTHEALING SESSION™: You’ll have a powerful HeartHealingsession that will genuinely blow your mind. HeartHealingis a revolutionary healing technique that is the bridge between mind and heart, to find deep childhood memories and heal the past relationships impacting you today and free you from them. This approach unveils hidden blocks that mind-base techniques alone don’t uncover and rapidly moves you towards freedom by opening your heart to receiving more love, abundance, inner peace and success in your life.
  • RAPID TRANSFORMATION THERAPY(RTT): You’ll have an influential Rapid Transformation Therapy(RTT) advanced hypnosis session to uncover the root causes of your issues, fears, blocks and limiting beliefs and require your mind to update beliefs. RTTis a super therapy with a mix of hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP).
  • TRANSFORMATION COACHING SESSIONS (2X): Together you’ll have 2 transformational coaching sessions with my support and strategies to bust through your BS (belief system) so you can have the courage to create freedom, alignment & impact in your life.
  • TRANSFORMATION RECORDINGS (2X): You’ll receive two personalized transformation recordings to permanently imprint success into your mind, heart and soul and rewire your mind for confidence, clarity and success.
  • SUPPORT: You will receive support from me throughout the 30 days.
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This Is For You If:

  • You are a female entrepreneur who sees everyone else’s success and you immediately start to compare yourself and second guess your abilities.

  • You have blocks to be visible and can’t seem to find the courage to get out there and be seen with confidence.

  • You want to be yourself yet your deep fears of judgement and rejection holds you back from expressing who you really are.

  • You sabotage your success every time you start getting closer to your goals or are just about to achieve them because subconsciously you don’t believe you are worthy or deserving success.

  • You keep procrastinating and keeping yourself small because deep own you don’t want to face the risk of failure.

  • You’re ready to own the power of your voice and finally speak your truth so you can be heard.

  • You are ready to let go of “doing success” (pushing, overwhelm, burnout) and start “being a success” (ease, flow, alignment).

Maybe you are thinking…

I’ve done all the self help, professional development, certifications, courses, and worked with coaches, but I’m still in the same self-sabotage cycle.

Cheryl _ WP

The Work I Do Is Different

  • I have over 20 years as a clinical psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Social Work.

  • I have numerous qualifications in psychology, trauma, neuro-science and energy psychology.

  • I am a Reiki Master.

  • I am one of the only HeartHealing™ Practitioners in the world

You won’t find this deep level of transformation anywhere else.

This means I have a deeper understanding and skill on how to address underlying wounds, trauma, and negative beliefs safely, should that come up in coaching.

This allows me to dig deep into the root cause of your current circumstances while also ensuring that your emotional well being and safety at all levels is maintained. The positive impact of that is you will experience a profound, rapid, long lasting healing and transformation.

I have developed a deep and powerful healing process which focuses on the conscious and subconscious mind- The Emotional Freedom + Alignment Method.

This is my unique method that rewires the conscious and subconscious mind for new and updated conditioning by freeing yourself from the 5 core fears so you can be in true alignment with who you are really.

I’ve been in your shoes

Not too long ago I was in a job that gave me anxiety, I was having panic attacks regularly, I was $100k in debt, and my marriage + family was falling apart.

I felt like in order to fix everything I needed to just do more.

I hustled to get more certificates and learn more, which only led me further in a dark space.


Now I have a business I love.

I work from a place of ease and flow – no hustle.

My marriage and family situation improved.

And most of all… I have helped hundreds of women make the same changes.


Want that too?

Let’s make it happen!