Awaken + Activate Your Divine Soul Blueprint

LightBody Activation Retreat

Mount Shasta June 20-24, 2024

Join us for a sacred journey to awaken your divine soul blueprint and activate your lightbody by harnessing the power of the Summer Solstice, the full moon and the sacred land of Mt. Shasta. 


Move beyond the linear 3D and immerse yourself in the 5D expression of your soul as you awaken the dormant parts of your DNA and activate your lightbody to the frequency of the 5D and beyond. 

This retreat is an initiation of your higher self. You will connect deeply with your lightbody to receive energetic upgrades, and unlock codes in your DNA that hold your authentic wisdom.

You will nourish yourself through sacred ceremony, purification of your energy field, and raise your consciousness with the support of Mount Shasta’s energy vortexes and portals as Cheryl and Roxy hold space for major energetic upgrades. 

Immerse yourself in Mount Shasta’s 5D energy as you participate in sacred ceremonies/ rituals, receive light codes, and bathe in alchemy sound frequencies which will allow you to receive life-changing downloads, connect with the cosmic beings who call Mount Shasta home, and embody the highest version of you soul for ascension.

Connect with Ascended Masters, Angels, the elements of unicorns and fairies and your original galactic star families at the sacred portals and vortexes.

Ascend to the 5D and experience the one-ness of heaven on earth as you activate your lightbody to the new earth frequencies.

Enjoy plant-based nourishing meals that support and ground your sensitive body as you integrate these powerful spiritual activations and high-frequency Source light healings.

Mount Shasta is known as the Divine Mother and is the Root Chakra of Mother Earth which allows us to awaken our kundalini energy. On the highest peaks of the mountains, heaven and earth meet to bring forth a galactic portal for all corners of the multiverse. There is no better place to do this sacred work.

We would like to personally invite you to experience this four day intensive submersion at Mt. Shasta like never before. Activate your lightbody, awaken your DNA, receive high frequency light codes and align with your highest self.  


Experience the one-ness in the 5th dimension as you re-member where your soul originated, re-claim your ancient wisdom, and re-connect with your star family and soul tribe.

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodations at the picturesque boho chic Mystic Temple Retreat House 
  • Summer Solstice/ Full Moon Ceremony 
  • Water Ritual in sacred water 
  • Alchemical sound bath journey
  • Breathwork
  • Tuning fork activations 
  • Heart purification cacao ceremony 
  • Hiking and activations at portals and vortexes on Mount Shasta
  • Light Code activations and DNA upgrades 
  • Quantum Sound frequency activations 
  • Stargazing and Starship light code activations on Mt. Shasta
  • Delicious and nourishing plant-based meals
  • Re-connection to your star families 
  • Connections to lifelong soul sisters

It’s time for your quantum leap.

You hold the wisdom of the stars, the codes from the sun, and the infinite divine love of the cosmos. Let’s go on a soul journey to awaken your soul DNA  blueprint, activate your light body to the 5D and remember who you are.

There is a saying…

“When the mountain calls for you, you will know and feel the call to visit. For all those that visit the land with clear intention witness miraculous change in their life.”

Meet Your Facilitators


Cheryl Kasper is a soul alchemist, energy healer and frequency shifter. She activates soul healing and re-membering through collapsing timelines in the quantum and activating 

dormant parts of soul DNA through sound frequencies, sacred geometry and light codes.  


Roxy Ghoraishy is a mystic mama, a facilitator of sacred ceremony, a quantum sound alchemist, an intuitive channel, and a divine feminine teacher sharing ancient teachings for the modern mystic by supporting the awakening and evolution of consciousness through bringing forth the teachings of the new earth. 

Retreat dates: June 20-24, 2024

Early BIRD: Register by December 31, 2023 to receive a Halo Activation (activating the pineal energy center, your intuition and psychic abilities) in a powerful vortex at Mt. Shasta with Cheryl ($555 value)

Private Room

From $3200

Shared Room/Bed

From $2200

Bunk Room

From $1555

About the Mystic Temple Retreat House

There are seven activation portals on the land, including a heart shaped labyrinth. This is the first place we invite you to connect with the land as it represents opening your heart from within to receive, and letting go of the old parts of self. 

Each of the four directions of the labyrinth have stones from across the word~ Egypt, Sedona, Kauai and Glass Mountain, to name a few. The heart symbolizes journeying into the center of your heart, to recognize that all the answers we seek come from within. There is only one way in and only one way out. It is a reminder that you are the very essence of divine cosmic love.

The space was created as a sacred temple space and is energetically gridded with serpentine crystals from Mt. Shasta.