Awaken and Ignite
Divine Feminine Retreat

Sedona October 6-10, 2022

Awaken to the power of your femininity in Sedona’s transformational and activating energies! The color Red represents desire, energy, vitality and power!  Being connected to the Red Rocks of Sedona to awaken and ignite these energies in you is incomparable!!  

Join us for this remarkable luxury retreat and enjoy the very best of Sedona!  This retreat is for the heart centered woman interested in reconnecting, healing and rebalancing herself while also experiencing adventure, luxury, and deep sisterhood connection.

Our circle of sisters, creative activities, sacred ceremonies, and the energy of Sedona will ignite a remembrance and give you the energy to awaken to your powerful feminine essence!

Most of the heart centered women we know are so busy giving, doing, sharing, & leading that they rarely make enough time to fill their cup to overflowing.  This is your time to shed your baggage at the door and get ready to open, anchor, and embody the fullness of the divine woman you came here to be!

We invite you to gather around the ancestral fires of sistership… to meet yourself and your new soul tribe in a new way and embody true femininity.

The Divine Feminine: Awaken and Ignite

is a luxury retreat held in magical Sedona. Sedona is the perfect backdrop for this one-of-a-kind retreat.

Ancient red rock formations stretch toward soaring sunsets and twinkling stars. Brightly colored desert flowers bloom all around you . Beautiful weather and quiet nights nourish your soul. A deeply soothing energy draws you in and fills you with wonder.

What better place to disconnect than a place that feels worlds apart?

Hike the red Rocks, feel the power of the Vortex’s and realign with your purpose. This stunning home boasts spectacular views of the Red Rock and has a great outdoor area with a hot tub and pool to relax, rest, and journal.

 Sedona’s healing vortex energy is exactly what your body, mind and soul needs. The hot, dry air is perfect for soothing tired, tense bodies and restore feeling good in your body, mind and soul. Return to that feeling of vitality and grounding by getting close to Mother Nature in her most intense, vivid variety.

Your retreat package includes:  A Private Chef, Luxury Accommodations, All Tours and Excursions, All Meals, Dining Out Experiences, In-Room Massage, Yoga, Airport Transportations, Private and Group Activities, Divine Feminine Ceremonies, Deep Healing, and teaching and support from 2 world renowned feminine empowerment teachers, leaders and guides.  

The Divine Feminine Retreat  is for you if you…

 — Seek playful adventures and activities

— Realign your body, mind and spirit

— Feel disconnected from yourself, your joy & the present moment

— Rediscover your soul purpose

— Create everlasting sisterhood bonds

— Awaken your wild, sensual feminine

The Divine Feminine Retreat  is designed for both luxury, healing & relaxation as well as the opportunity to push your limits and explore the deeper pathway of what’s truly possible for yourself. It’s a safe and sacred space to rebalance and reconnect with your divine feminine and get in touch with your authentic self on a soul level.

The Divine Feminine Retreat has been handcrafted with love, intuition, powerful intentions and heart centered awareness.  We are honored to bring together a group of divine women for activities that rapidly accelerate personal growth, deep healing and profound transformation.

Meet Your Hosts


Cheryl Kasper is a success mindset coach and a licensed clinical therapist who works with women to uncover their subconscious fears, blocks & beliefs so they can create freedom, alignment & flow in all areas of their life.

Cheryl will be using intuitive energy healing, reiki, biofield tuning forks, and hypnotherapy to uncover trapped emotions and balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body, mind and soul so that deep and profound transformational healing can take place.


Jocelyn Boettner is a Shamanic Guide and Intuitive Healer who works with Mother Earth, our most powerful healer, to bring the medicinal and healing effects of our earth through ceremonies and rituals.

Jocelyn invites you to experience, taste, touch and feel Mother Earth as you begin to call forward and become your own medicine woman.

Jocelyn will be leading you through breathwork, body movement and a sacred cacao ceremony all to ground you deeply into your body, open your 3rd eye and embody the medicine of Mother Earth.

Can't wait to see you in Sedona!
~xoxo Cheryl & Jocelyn

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