Soul Alchemy

Clear Your Past…
Transform Your Present…
Embody Your Future.

Soul Alchemy is a multi level, multi dimensional healing of the mind, body, soul and energy field.

Release old patterns, cleanse your spirit, and embrace your higher self with the powerful combination of subconscious rewiring through hypnosis and biofield tuning activation.

Dive into ancestral imprints, generational conditioning, past lives, and your present life to alchemize negative energy so you can step into your highest self.

Receive sacred soul codes and powerful healing frequencies to transmute and alchemize dense energy in your biofield so you can embody higher vibrational energy

Work with you spirit guides, ancestors, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and your higher self


Is this what you’ve been waiting for?

Soul Alchemy is for spiritual women and healers who are ready to activate higher frequencies so they can ascend to the next level on their spiritual path and have more balance, freedom, and passion in their life

What you’ll experience…

Journey into your soul to review the past through guided hypnosis while the frequencies of tuning forks comb through your biofield to alchemize and transmute your dense energy into the highest vibrations.

Awaken your soul DNA and activate your soul blueprint.

Deeply heal from:

🧬 Ancestral imprints
🧬 Generational conditioning
🧬 Past lives
🧬 This life

You’ll have 7 days Voxer support while you are integrating and ascending to the higher frequencies